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Tel: 403-274-7882
98 Thorncrest Road NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 3B1
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   Cross-Eyed Airbrushing is primarily an airbrush studio owned by Blake McCully since early 1989.  From an early age Blake had an attraction to Custom Culture creations, so his career choice is hardly a surprise.   Cross-Eyed was formed in his first year of the Visual Communication Degree Program at the Alberta College of Art And Design.  Initially Blake's goal was to have Cross-Eyed Airbrushing  finance his degree aspiration.   Cross-Eyed slowly forged out a good reputation painting murals and graphics on motorcycles,  expanding  into helmets and goalie masks.  In his four year degree he developed a taste for classical oil painting,  pen and ink,  and sketchbook.  Influences of graphic design, typography and illustration  gave  Blake's work a unique style to the Custom Culture scene.


   Cross-Eyed took a brief hiatus in 1994 and moved to New York City to attend the prestigious School of Visual Arts Masters of Illustration program.   He was honored to accept one of twenty positions from over 4000 applicants worldwide.   This was not exactly the fulfilling career he envisioned, but enlighted  his development.   Blake returned to Calgary to develope  Cross-Eyed at a larger scale.




   To date, Blake at Cross-Eyed has painted thousands of motorcycles, masks and helmets and his  projects have won hundreds of awards both regionally and on the international scene.   Clients have included many award winning bike builders,  individuals,  and corporations.   Blake has painted at least 70  NHL masks for 18 different NHL teams and numerous teams in the WHL, OHL,  and Elite European leagues.   Blake thinks he has projects on every continent except Africa.  His helmets have graced many professional motorsports as well as various sports included in the Olympics.  Hi-way rigs, hot rods, and monster trucks have been added to his portfolio;  even Hot Wheels has made toy reproductions of Cross-Eyed's work.  The music industry has come calling doing projects for record labels and bands such as AC/DC, Headstones, Colin James and many more. His projects have also been seen in numerous movies and TV shows.  This all seems pretty cool for an artist who just likes to paint out of a 50's retro styled gas station.




   In 2006 Cross-Eyed went international with a USA work visa and started writing for a half dozen magazines, filming  7 educational DVD's, and teaching courses all over the USA  and Europe.  Since 2012 Blake has pulled back from this large workload and stays at home more often.  Blake then took on a three year project and wrote and published a coffee table book on airbrushing under the title ' MOTORCYCLE ART - THE EVIL GOSPEL' .  ' One on One' intern workshops have been a new addition to Blake's mentoring program.  Just call him for details.




   The latest venture into art is a collaboration project with Mr. Chris Tutty.   Chris and Blake have teamed up and blended their talents to create some amazing and fresh gallery canvas art.  Chris Tutty has been successful developing his unique pop influence art for over a decade.  Cross-Eyed's detail has  added a heightened sense of realism to their collaborations without losing  the energetic pop style of Chris's prior work.  Although their individual styles are quite different, together they create zestful magic in their art.




    Blake splits his workload doing motorcycles, goalie masks, helmets and larger canvas work. He always has a few secret projects on the go that will be marketed in due time. Blake is open to new projects and enjoys working with his clients to bring their ideas  alive.   All it takes is a phone call to get it rolling. Blake 403 274 7882.


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